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Pakistan’s WAPDA and WAPDA’s website both got hacked!

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I recently came back from Pakistan and as most Pakistanis I was concerned with frequent power blackouts there. These power blackouts are known as load shedding in Pakistan as WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) and it’s controlling authority PEPCO (Pakistan Electric Power Company) try to manage the load across the power grids so none of them get blown off. The result of short fall of more than 5000MW daily is that public is sitting idle without electricity for more than 12 hours daily.

As a professional in web services I want to know every thing from the Web and on times I felt the urge to log-on to WAPDA’s website to get to know what is actually happening. What I would expect from the authority, is that, their website would have a map of Pakistan, which would get updated live through AJAX or it could be a Java applet which show you how many MWs are currently available, how many of them are actually getting distributed, how much are the line losses and how much is the demand. Then on the map additionally, you could see which areas are out of electricity at the particular moment.

I know that WAPDA will not do this ever until the political and bureaucratic structure of the authority get changed. The reason behind is, WAPDA has the capacity to generate more than 19,000MW a day through it’s own hydel power plants and through other IPP (Independent Power Producer) plants across the country. WAPDA hasn’t deliberately paid the payments to IPPs which in turn hasn’t paid fuel supplying companies, so those power plants are actually not running on their full strength and the power at the end available in the country is around 12,000MW a day.

Let’s take that in a bigger picture, when the government could get a loan of more than 7 billion dollar from international agencies with in a time frame of 2 years, it has taken too much loan from inside the company as well, why it couldn’t just pay back the IPPs debt which is around 100 billion Pakistani rupee (approximately 1.2 billion dollars) and due to only this reason, the whole country is in trouble including the industry and commercial sector and only this reason is causing a halt to growth and pushing the government to take more loans.

Yes, the last point is the answer, this is the game to pressurize the people of Pakistan so that they do not see toward the so-called war on terror game at the borders of Pakistan, secondly so that Pakistan should take more and more loans so like today, when international agencies ask something from us and we say we would not do that, they will say OK we will not release any more funds for you and as we will be down to our knees, we will do as “they” say.

Now on the corruption side of current “democratic” government of Pakistan, which country on earth would install more power plants when you have enough capacity available already and about 40% of it is not in use because of fuel supply? Well, the country’s name is Pakistan. In lieu of this scenario obviously Mr. 10% would like to have a bigger share out of his presidency, so what we are seeing is the Minister of Power saying again and again that it is due to the non-availability of power generation capacity (when 40% is idle) and then Pakistan is getting rental power plants which are expensive to get and install and more off they run on same kind of fuel which you are already not supplying to current power generators. The only purpose seems here to get kickbacks from those rental power plant operators.

This is a well known fact and every Pakistani is aware of that, anyway I got diverted here too¬† much from my subject, the reason behind is obviously to let the reader know that why WAPDA would not put this all live information on their website because that will put the orders in transparency and that is what the international pressure and local government do not want (that’s against the interests of those nations).

However, the grip of WAPDA’s IT department is so weak that when I searched wapda on Google and that is my habit which saved me here that I always search rather than typing in the address bar, the Google told me that visiting this website can be harmful. This is a bit shocking as the website’s domain is and it is a government’s website, however I checked that on 7th April, the date of writing of this blog is 10th April and who knows from how long it has been hacked. Well hacked is probably not a right word here, what probably has happened that the OS it’s developer is using is pirated (shouldn’t be a shock, it’s WAPDA) or he has been installing pirated software on the system and there is probably no anti-virus on the web developer’s system as well as web server. So, this malware got it’s way all up to the one of the most important websites of Pakistan.

Here are few screen shots:

May Allah bless Pakistan!

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