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Get String Length Tool

Just a bit of background, I was working on live data coming through from Java applets into Javascript, there were strings which I had to match, the conditions were like if (thisID === “blahblahblah”) and there were a lot of them, I had to match strings and then do my stuff, the strings were all different, I had to cut each string into sub-strings because there was a variable portion of every string which I didn’t wanted to match. The result you can imagine is that I was sitting there, counting each string character by character and then putting a condition on it. Got the idea of this tool then (obviously I am lazy when it comes to code), just input your string, get the length, put it as a parameter for the Javascript equivalent of PHP substr or maybe use slice() method of JS and move on! Here is tool:

When I actually searched for such a simple tool online to find a string length straight away (like I have seen a simple tool the other day to convert px values in em for CSS), couldn’t find any (maybe there are but I couldn’t find them). However, when you will search you will get lots of functions in every language (C, C++, Java, Javascript etc.) to do that but what if I only want string length and don’t want to write a line, execute it, know the length, erase it and then continue? Well, here is one, it helped me, it may help someone else too!

Happy Coding!

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