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We have found Malaysia Airlines MH370 in Pakistan

Malaysian MH370 found in Pakistan

Malaysia MH370 found in Pakistan

It’s a norm now, every thing whatever and wherever it happens in the world, it’s a work of some long-beard, bald headed Pakistani! Western media is so sanitised in itself that it wouldn’t even know about thousands of rape cases every year in USA, NSA spying on nearly every citizen of world effectively listening to every conversation we make everyday! but.. yes, human rights violations only exist in poor countries where there is some value, be it oil, be it natural gas, be it keeping eye on your super power status competition. Everything is alright under your noses. Problem is only where you want to look!

What I am not able to understand and nearly everyone is asking this question on Facebook and Twitter, we live in a digital space where NSA is used to of spreading malware through Facebook and still we are not able to track one of the biggest planes on earth? How a plane of the size of Boeing 777 carrying 239 passengers could cross Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and India to only land in Pakistan? What were military radars of these countries doing? Can a airliner cross a territory without permission? Do you really think it’s that easy or somebody is fuelling you dollars to say that?

It wouldn’t take you more than a few Google searches to know how aviation radars work? There are primarily 5 types of communication mechanisms which a commercial airliner can use during the flight.

  1. Primary Radars: Mostly used all over the world, even the tiniest and poorest countries in the world have these radars for military purposes. Nothing goes off it’s eyes. It relies on sending electromagnetic waves which then bounce back from any object at a certain altitude and let the people at the base know that some object is flying. That object can then be traced and it’s speed and altitude can be monitored. Air Forces all over the world use these radars to keep an eye on their airspace, any unidentified aircrafts are immediately asked for their intentions, if there is no answer then these Air Forces are allowed to use their multi-million dollar F-16s to tackle the flying object in air. Ironically, MH370 passed 5 countries military radars and tackling aside even none of these countries came up and said “oh yes, we had an unidentified object in our airspace during that time”.
  2. Secondary Radar: It’s the primary method of communication between air traffic controllers and flying planes. Just like military radars, ATCs (Air Traffic Controllers) are tasked to keep an eye on airspace of their region, no commercial plane could pass without identifying themselves first to ATC of that area. These radars also send electromagnetic waves but instead of returning blindly, these waves are then picked up by the transponder of aircraft and a reply is then sent back to ATC identifying the plane. We know now that someone inside the plane delibrately switched of the transponder, so, that means radar was identifying an object but plane was not identifying itself but obvious question is.. a plane was not identifying and ATCs of 5 countries did not do anything?
  3. ADC-B: It’s a new type of equipment which is now coming installed in most aircrafts. Most flight tracking sites such as Flightradar24 uses this equipment to track and plot planes on the map. Everyone can track a flight through these websites or can own a USB-stick for worth $25 and you can then see planes passing your area. Flightradar24 actually picked up planes location and then MH370s transponder suddenly went off the radar. Let’s say someone switched that one off as well.
  4. ACARS: It’s also called pilot communication, it’s sort of SMS service between airline and it’s pilots. The ACARS is subject of most speculation in the case of MH370, this communication system continued to send pings (just a method of telling another server that I am alive) to the satellites, which led experts to believe that MH370 never crashed immediately. It continued to fly for 5 hours more than initially thought and this is what has given the idea that plane is might be in Pakistan (because Pakistan is in that diameter of 5 hour flight from last known point, along with several other countries?)
  5. GPS: Yes, we all do have GPS in our pockets now and we can upload a place on Facebook which could track us back with the accuracy of milli meters, yet most commercial airlines use this technology just like we use it in our cars, to navigate! GPS system installed in Malaysia Airline MH370 was not equipped to send airliner location back to the base.

With all that explained, once again, channels like Fox News and people like Rupert Mudroch are supposed to be most informed but perhaps the scandal of News of the World and subsequent closure of newspaper tell us something, yellow journalism can earn you some dollars but you are never going to get any any respect and your words effectively become hollow over the time.


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