A programmer trying to be a social entrepreneur!

CIITRONIAN is just a variant name of alumni of COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan. My campus was Lahore, which taught me basics of programming, taught me OOP, Database, Software Engineering, Entrepreneurship … total 43 courses, made this raw mind to think something useful rather than wandering in space, from there-onwards where ever I go, whatever I do, my mother institute and it’s teachings always have something to guide my way!

P.S Many students of the same institute use COMSIAN for themselves, fair enough, both are pointers to same block!

If you want to get in touch personally, feel free to ping me on LinkedIn:


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  1. Hi Hammad!!! Impressive blog n interesting posts!! imam from Pakistan too, the article on WAPDA was extremely interesting too. Please reply if possible!!! Thanks, tc:-)

  2. Thanks for appreciation!

  3. Seeking your skills for an online magazine.



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