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We have found Malaysia Airlines MH370 in Pakistan

It’s a norm now, every thing whatever and wherever it happens in the world, it’s a work of some long-beard, bald headed Pakistani! Western media is so sanitised in itself that it wouldn’t even know about thousands of rape cases every year in USA, NSA spying on nearly every citizen of world effectively listening to […]

Local apps and dilemma of Pakistani Android market

Recently, we were approached by mobile Internet department of a major Pakistani telecom player. They were looking for developers which could develop targeted apps for Pakistani users. The reason behind is simple; 3G is just around the corner, sooner or later, telcos will have to launch 3G services, and as a matter of fact, they […]

What is Plan9 of PITB?

Good question! You must have heard about Plan9 through a friend or an email on your university’s email list or through Facebook. Here I will explain what it really is without using the buzz words like “innovation, passion, initiative, groundbreaking etc. etc.” and with using but explaining buzz words like “incubator, startup, launchpad, mentor network […]

Arfa Software Technology Park: A Cultural Shift?

Second blog in line of narrating my experiences and thoughts about Arfa Software Technology Park (ASTP), Lahore. Along with dominating the Skyline of Lahore, ASTP have already started dominating ICT environment of Lahore in particular even if you want to believe it or not, everybody in the industry knows about it and everybody is talking […]

Moving into Arfa Software Technology Park Lahore

Arfa Software Technology Park (formerly known as Lahore Technology Park) is one of the most iconic buildings in Lahore. You can’t help but noticing it when you first go towards Model Town or on Ferozpur Road towards Qasur after Kalma Chowk. Tall, Sleek, Hi-Tech look grabs your attention and you can’t stop yourself from asking ‘oh, […]

PIA: Pakistan International Airlines Pilot refused to fly from New York to Lahore

I would like to clarify it first that I am a very loyal customer of PIA (Pakistan International Airlines), the reasons of this I will explain later in this blog. First, I would like to talk about a tiny news appeared in the 2nd May, 2010 Jang Newspaper which reported that pilot of PIA flight […]

Pakistan’s WAPDA and WAPDA’s website both got hacked!

Get Pakistan Breaking News app for Android now! I recently came back from Pakistan and as most Pakistanis I was concerned with frequent power blackouts there. These power blackouts are known as load shedding in Pakistan as WAPDA (Water and Power Development Authority) and it’s controlling authority PEPCO (Pakistan Electric Power Company) try to manage […]

A review of BBC Urdu news mobile application

Get Pakistan Breaking News app for Android now! BBC Urdu service has came leaps and bounds since its inception on 3rd April, 1949. It has seen the times of war and peace, enjoyed vast popularity in the rural areas of Pakistan in the times of martial law and taken criticism from the patriotic people of […]

Jang newspaper has launched its mobile version

Get Pakistan Breaking News app for Android now! Pakistan’s biggest Urdu and English News Network Jang Publications has entered the ever growing market of mobile phones by launching the mobile version of its news paper. Mobile phones are now taken as the replacement of computers for many and it is predicted that with in 10 […]

Shandur festival on world’s highest polo ground

Shandur Mela (festival) is going to start on 7th July, 2009 on the world’s highest polo ground in Chitral. Chitral is on the border of Afghanistan but a bit away from Waziristan and Swat where Pakistan Army is on war against foreign trained elements who want to de-stabilize Pakistan. The country has recently won 20-20 […]

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