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Integrating InMobi Ads into jQueryMobile and MoSync based app

Recently I was developing a HTML5 app for a client using jQueryMobile and MoSync Reload with Wormhole Library (an amazing client which let you develop about 70% times faster compared to using native procedures) when I struck with a problem of placing InMobi ads into jQueryMobile sub-pages. If you are familiar with jQueryMobile you would know that […]

Tutorial: iOS Twitter app in 60 seconds using MoSync and Sencha Touch

Assumption for this video tutorial is that viewer don’t know Sencha Touch and MoSync at all, that’s why it is a bit longer than 60 seconds :;) Introducing MoSync – SDK for Cross Platform Mobile App Development MoSync is a cross platform mobile application development SDK which allows you to write cross platform apps for […]

Tutorial: Creating an Ajax based form using Zend Framework and YUI

Many of you would already know that Dojo is JavaScript framework of the choice for Zend Framework. However, Zend framework itself is very loosely coupled that you can use whatever JavaScript framework you are comfortable in. As part of my previous project we were already using YUI, so it was the best idea that while Zend […]

YUI Button: Mimicking the native Select dropdown to avoid IE width problem

This is the 5th installment in YUI series. This installment uses YUI button widget and YUI keylistener utility. Although this post and example mimics the default SELECT element behaviour and look but you should also consider the JavaScript execution overhead this will cause. Microsoft in all it’s glory continued to develop it’s own web standards, […]

Get String Length Tool

Just a bit of background, I was working on live data coming through from Java applets into Javascript, there were strings which I had to match, the conditions were like if (thisID === “blahblahblah”) and there were a lot of them, I had to match strings and then do my stuff, the strings were all […]

Tutorial: Using IE Developer Tools as Firebug in Mozilla Firefox

There was a time when development for Javascript and CSS was restricted mainly because IE was the only main browser around (basically because it was shipped with your copy of MS Windows) and even the other browsers like Opera and Netscape were not able to listen to the web developer needs. Then came around, Youtube, […]

YUI Dialog: Hiding the Dialog Panel in IE – Bug Resolved

This fourth installment in YUI series is basically about firing a bug which appears to be IE (Internet Explorer) only. This is when you have opened an iframe in dialog widget and showing another resource using frame.src and relying on native close : true parameter of YUI Dialog widget to show a close button to […]

YUI Calendar: Using and modifying multiple calendar picker instances on single page

In this third installment of how to create and modify existing widgets from YUI Javascript library, I will explain how to create multiple instances of calendar widget of YUI2. There are many examples of how to use Calendar widget on YUI’s official website but for my application, the requirement was to to schedule multiple actions […]

YUI Panel: Changing buttons and re-using a panel on same page

YUI is a natural Javascript library, it is different from jQuery and other Javascript frameworks due to its closeness to original JS where it supports you to build widgets and enhance the user experience, the other JS libraries such as jQuery and Dojo are incredibly easy to work in but they divert you so much […]

YUI Tabview and IE: Rendering Problem Solved

YUI Tabview is the easiest way I came around to organise your web pages into tabs, rather than using multiple selective navigation. YUI Tabview can easily be used to organise a very long page into chunks or you can give it an external source which it collects through Ajax and show to the user. Different […]

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