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Local apps and dilemma of Pakistani Android market

Recently, we were approached by mobile Internet department of a major Pakistani telecom player. They were looking for developers which could develop targeted apps for Pakistani users. The reason behind is simple; 3G is just around the corner, sooner or later, telcos will have to launch 3G services, and as a matter of fact, they […]

Moving into Arfa Software Technology Park Lahore

Arfa Software Technology Park (formerly known as Lahore Technology Park) is one of the most iconic buildings in Lahore. You can’t help but noticing it when you first go towards Model Town or on Ferozpur Road towards Qasur after Kalma Chowk. Tall, Sleek, Hi-Tech look grabs your attention and you can’t stop yourself from asking ‘oh, […]

SeaMicro innovates low energy microprocessor for servers

As the technology is advancing, everyone is looking to conserve energy, some are doing that to tackle the everyday rising costs of energy products, while other are green planet advocates. Whatever the reason is, everyone likes to conserve energy. Computer server market is no different. About 10 years ago, a company called RLX tried to […]

Top 6 must-have Firefox addons for Web developers and designers

There are lots of blog posts about the must have addons for Firefox if you are a web developer. In fact mozilla’s addon library has lots of lots of them but only some are very useful and now a days when speed of the application along with its cross browser compatibility is a critical issue, […]

Microsoft giving away expensive development software for free through WebsiteSpark program

Microsoft has done it in the past and they are doing it again. Just another program to woo developers and designers from around the world to start using their platform. When it comes to web programming PHP is by far the most used language on the face of World Wide Web, primarily because its free […]

Microsoft releases new OS project called Barrelfish for next generation

As all we know next generation systems are not single core as the case at the moment as well. Probably the system on which you are viewing this blog is already a multi-core system. The software we are running today are becoming more resource hungry as with the each passing day. Current operating systems are […]

Connection with Virgin Media ADSL National Service

After 7 weeks I got my ADSL from Virgin Media activated. It was a long pain since I moved my house and they told me that I am now in a national service area and can’t have a cable service. It was really great with them while I was on cable, never faced any problem […]

Noop: A new JVM language by Google

So, google struck again, this time with a language. It seems this giant is stopping nowhere. The language name is Noop and it runs on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). The developers at google said: “a new language that attempts to blend the best lessons of languages old and new, while syntactically encouraging industry best-practices and […]

How to get flash player on iPhone

As many of you know that getting flash player on iPhone is a tricky business because Apple hasn’t really bothered about shipping flash player with iPhone even in its latest version i.e. iPhone 3GS (if you try to open YouTube through Safari in your new iPhone 3GS, it will open YouTube videos in YouTube application […]

How to avoid overheating problem of iPhone 3GS

Couple of days ago I wrote a blog post about the overheating problem of iPhone 3GS due to its batteries, until then I didn’t experienced it personally but thanks to the London weather in last couple of days (32 degree Celsius), I noticed it well. Then dugged through Apple’s website and this is what I […]

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