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Current Airline Situation: Where is the Volcanic Ash Cloud now?

The biggest news in April 2010 that the air-space over UK and several other European countries was closed due to the fears that volcanic ash cloud from Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland can damage the airplanes, I got this news one fine Monday morning while going towards tube escalators that due to volcanic ash the airports […]

Connection with Virgin Media ADSL National Service

After 7 weeks I got my ADSL from Virgin Media activated. It was a long pain since I moved my house and they told me that I am now in a national service area and can’t have a cable service. It was really great with them while I was on cable, never faced any problem […]

British mobile phone directory 118800 crashes on launch day

The first British mobile phone directory crashes after too many calls from the users who wanted to remove their mobile numbers from the directory. This directory has been launched by a company who eventually paid millions to get that directory data from mobile operators. The service is not free and it charges £1 per search […]

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