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Connection with Virgin Media ADSL National Service

Virgin media national ADSL service

Virgin media national ADSL service

After 7 weeks I got my ADSL from Virgin Media activated. It was a long pain since I moved my house and they told me that I am now in a national service area and can’t have a cable service. It was really great with them while I was on cable, never faced any problem but now from past 7 weeks (which was supposed to be a 2 weeks waiting time), it was a pain because all I could hear back from them was that they apologize for any inconvenience caused and because they are not charging me for the service, it was supposed to be their right to keep me pending from a service which is just like water and electricity for me.

Any way, today after coming back from the work I figured out that the ADSL LED on router was not blinking and Internet icon was also lit-up and then it took me more than 1 hour just to connect to the Internet. It wasn’t I am a novice or something, it was just because the customer service of Virgin National forgot to tell me my new account number or to mention the email address and password I need to use. Their lines were also closed as they close at 9p.m on weekdays. After much of Internet search I finally found the email address which ADSL service requires while connecting you. No, its not your virgin email address, its ADSL email address and its in this format your.name@adsl.virgin.net and then the password is your normal password which is of your account and which they ask every time you call them.

I just ran my speed test as well from speedtest.com and the download speed I am getting 1.98Mbps from Manchester while upload is 0.38Mbps. This is nearly 20% of Virgin average speeds but I am still happy at least I have got something.

Wondering why virgin took 5 extra weeks to activate the service? because they were out of capacity in the area (and a friend in Sheffield told me that they are always out of capacity) so, if you are going to order new connection, please ask them first if they have capacity in the new area, otherwise they will first get hold of your line then they will send you ADSL router, then they will give you activation dates twice and then when you will be really annoyed they will tell you that they are out of capacity. Be careful!

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