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Microsoft to include Twitter Posts in Bing search results

There is a news guys for the twitter family, we all know Microsoft very well, mainly because of its dominance on OS market. We all also know that despite its luck clicked when it launched its most easy to use OS back in 90s, this company arrives late to every party. So, is with the search market, it first tried to cope with search market through its flagship MSN search, then its changed its name to Live Search and now the same search is branded as Bing Search.

Bing is adding twitter posts to its search

Bing is adding twitter posts to its search

Now that was a bit of background but now finally Microsoft is taking a first step in search market which is a bit controversial but can be of very good value of proper algorithms can be applied to this. Yes, I am talking about including twitter posts in the search results. Twitter community already knows about the amount of spam already making its way into the site but if included properly into the search results, twitter is a gold-mine of content for any search engine.

Each entrepreneur who came on twitter after its launch knows the power of twitter as its not just a thread board with stressed lonely people updating status messages on it, its a whole platform and it gives the concept of micro-blogging at its best, people know that this is the voice of other people like them, as we have seen in Iran protests, twitter and youtube was ahead of CNN and BBC to know what is actually happening there in Iran. As for any good mind, if you capitalize on twitter that means you can have user-generated news and content right in the comfort of your home, straight from the scene of happening and you know its not manipulated, its the thought of a user actually going through the situation.

Initially, Bing will only be following few thousand people on twitter with the highest follow count and number of updates and then gradually it will be extended to others and no it is not a new concept, search market was hyped around the user of twitter and its user generated content, since its popularity sky-rocketed but finally Microsoft with it’s Bing came first to the party.

There are concerns around this sort of search as everyone in twitter community knows that majority of the users with thousands of followers are search marketers with the exception of celebrities and nearly every 2nd post by them contains a link which they try to market. Will those amount of link will change the search results and that will be included in link popularity? That is still to be seen that how Bing deals with that.

As of Bing popularity itself, its still slowly growing, it managed to increase Microsoft’s share of search market by 1% but it is still lagging behind Yahoo and Google with Google having more that 78% of total U.S search market share.

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