How to get flash player on iPhone

As many of you know that getting flash player on iPhone is a tricky business because Apple hasn’t really bothered about shipping flash player with iPhone even in its latest version i.e. iPhone 3GS (if you try to open YouTube through Safari in your new iPhone 3GS, it will open YouTube videos in YouTube application provided by default by O2 in UK). However, there are third party tools available for this purpose. Flash is a really handy interface and is being used by several sites around the world and if you are browsing the Internet by using default Safari browser on your iPhone, you need to install flash player to see videos or other stuff which rely on flash technology to play itself.

However, if Apple can’t do it for you, independent application developers have done it, now there are plenty of iPhone plugins available which you install to get flash working on your iPhone. One of the such handy plugins is, the iMobileCinema plugin. Watch the video below to know how to install and use this plugin. Please remember there is no way to get flash player working in your safari if you want to remain in iPhone OS. iPhone OS is essentially based on FreeBSD Unix and all techniques which are present on the Internet are known as ‘jail breaking’ where you go out of the iPhone OS and force it to accept your alternative packages. Please do every step at your own risk.

In this video, you have been asked to download a package which is known as Cydia and is a jail breaking package. Once you mange to install it, you need to add iMobileCinema plugin to Cydia installation and that will enable flash player for your Safari browser. Please do these steps on your computer as they are not as straight forward as installing applications from Apple app store.

However, which ever plugin you use, it’s a bit mess to go around this problem, iPhone should have flash player installed in it by default and it should poll the adobe website to get the latest version downloaded by itself, whenever one is available. For the moment, stick with the plugin shown here until Apple do something about it.

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  1. it’s only work on Youtube’s website but doessnot work with other website that require flash player. Any suggestion?

  2. I tryied downloading it and my Iphone do not except the source of iMobileCinema.
    Can you pls help me identify the problem?

  3. Hey Doron,
    Have you installed Cydia and jail-braiked your mobile phone first?

  4. use rock app instead of cydia, its faster and it will accept the source. in case u dont know where to finde that one, after u jailbreak your iphone with blackra1n itll ask u to dl a package installer….then u choose ROCK (can have both installed if u want to) after doing that, just do what this guy says on the video and ….walaaaa

  5. not work for my iphone 3gs,when i press on bossprefs bottom open,show initializing services and thats it,nothing happen

  6. i need to download flash player iphone

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