iPhone 3GS is heating up because of batteries

iPhone 3GS
The new version of iPhone is reportedly heating up due to its battery cells. We all know that if a device is heating up it can eventually explode itself and can catch fire. User groups and forums around the world are filled by the complaints from handful of users who are complaining about the heating problem. One user reported that “I was playing a game and then I was reading news on my browser and I noticed that the iPhone in my hand is really heated up like a fry-pan”. One user has posted image of his white iPhone which was installed with InvisiShield and he posted on the forum that he noticed his shield which is transparent in actual, gone pink due to phone heating.

InvisiShield on iPhone is gone pink due to heating

InvisiShield on iPhone is gone pink due to heating

Experts have called that this is due to the batteries used in new iPhone 3GS which were supposed to give the new version double the life of its previous version. It has also been warned that if American authorities pick-up the issue, Apple will be forced to call back hundreds of thousands of new phones which were launched only 11 days back. However, I believe this is a very specific problem which is in some handful of sets as I also have new 3GS phone and I haven’t experienced any such problem as yet.

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