Microsoft releases new OS project called Barrelfish for next generation

As all we know next generation systems are not single core as the case at the moment as well. Probably the system on which you are viewing this blog is already a multi-core system. The software we are running today are becoming more resource hungry as with the each passing day. Current operating systems are already capable of talking to each other on the level of boxes and they tend to share some resources as well, such as memory and processing power. But as the multi-core systems are around from more over than a couple of years now, there wasn’t an OS which talks at core level with the parallel system. Well, now we have!

Team at Microsoft, Cambridge has announced on 15th September, 2009 that they are working on project code-named Barrelfish in collaboration with ETH Zurich and this new OS is supposed to talk and share resources at core levels with the other systems. It is also a rumour that this new OS will be free as it uses several software libraries which are available under BSD license. However, we need to wait for the more details to come out and yes you can view a snap shot of this project in here.

  1. Is this like the Snow Leopard that Apple released last month? “Next-generation”, multi-core system.. this news sounds like old news… MS always behind.

  2. Oooohhh M$ bashing, that is original.

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