SeaMicro innovates low energy microprocessor for servers

Intel's Atom microprocessor uses less energy

Intel's Atom microprocessor uses less energy

As the technology is advancing, everyone is looking to conserve energy, some are doing that to tackle the everyday rising costs of energy products, while other are green planet advocates. Whatever the reason is, everyone likes to conserve energy. Computer server market is no different.

About 10 years ago, a company called RLX tried to market very thin blade servers running on laptop chips of Transmeta but timing was not good as you may remember that was 1999, when the famous dot com bubble burst out. Nobody then liked to invest on any Internet companies and servers were mostly used for that very purpose.

Today, with the likes of Facebook and Google around, we know that Intel’s Xeon is most famous processor in the server market. This processor is very good when it comes to render so-called heavy applications but when it comes to serve millions of small requests like feeding a facebook page or handling a google query, it starts eating energy.

A Santa Clara based company SeaMicro, comes up with the solution to meet the market needs using the recent technological advances. They have built a very small processor chip by combining 80 chips of Intel’s Atom processor. SeaMicro on the other hand is tight-lipped about their innovation at the moment and not many details are available for general access. The company is however mentored and funded by Vinod Khosla who was the co-founder of Sun Microsystems and is a strong advocate of green energy.

The CEO of SeaMicro said “Making a generalist machine is no longer good enough, the right system will require real engineering work. That is something the server market hasn’t seen in a long time.”

Fingers crossed about the success of SeaMicro’s innovation, however, SeaMicro is not alone in this race, there are many companies working on ARM processors as well and intend to use them for home computers and servers. Remember, Intel’s Atom processor gained some popularity through the Netbooks while ARM is around from years and if you have iPhone or any of Nokia series mobile phone, it is running an ARM microprocessor. These microprocessors are also famous for their very less use of energy while providing high efficiency.

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